Pirates Rob Fishermen in Mexico and Leave Them Adrift

Four hooded men armed with a pistol, a machete and a shotgun assaulted three fishermen on the high seas. As confirmed by the Coast Guard in Yicatán, after the theft, the subjects  removed the engine to the boat and left them adrift.

The fishermen could not identify their assailants because they threatened them if they looked up.

After a few hours of drifting, the Naval Search, Rescue and Surveillance Station (ENSAR) of Yukalpeten located them 9 nautical miles (16 kilometers) northwest of Progreso, Yucatán.

The support was carried out after receiving an emergency call from the Secretary of Public Safety, informing that the boat ‘ANDARIEGA DEL MAR’ was assaulted at sea, the offenders dismantled his outboard motor, leaving the boat without propulsion. Immediately, elements belonging to the ENSAR of Yukalpeten went to place ” Marina Armada, communication.

  • The three crew members were in good health and did not need much medical attention.

  • The Coast Guard informed that it will carry out surveillance tours in order to increase security on Mexican coasts and prevent this type of theft in the seas.

Source: http://www.maritimeherald.com/2019/pirates-rob-fishermen-in-mexico-and-leave-them-adrift/

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